Mr. Chandra Prakash

Founder and Principal Designer, Irrigation Professionals

Irrigation Professionals was started in the year2000 by the Founder and Principal Designer, Mr. Chandra Prakash. Irrigation Professional covers various aspects of Water Management with special emphasis on Design of State of art Irrigation Systems for residential & commercial Landscape and Sports fields. The activities also cover all other aspects of Water Management as described under Design & Consulting Services.

Mr. Prakash is an engineer from IIT Kharagpur and has done his post-graduation in Management from IIM Ahmedabad. He has been actively working in the Water Management field since 1978 (Over 35 Years) in various senior positions in India and the Middle East. Apart from Design, Installation & Maintenance of Irrigation Systems, his experience also covers Marketing of Irrigation Equipments, Pumps, Water Tanks, Reverse Osmosis Plants, and Industrial Filtration. He has been associated with reputed manufacturers like TORO, USA, Weathermatic, USA, Irridelco, USA, and Sistema AZUD, Spain.

Irrigation Professionals also provide consulting services for Diversification & New Start-ups, Project Planning & Management, CSR, and other related fields.


Aviral Sinha is an architect based in New Delhi who primarily focuses on the urban context of the city. He completed his post graduation in Urban Design from DOMUS Academy, Milan, Italy. Post his studies he worked for Principio Attivo, Milan in the field of public spaces and parking solutions, a project which was subsequently implemented by the government bodies as a unique solution to the local’s parking crisis.

His association with CUES (Centre for Urban Ecology and Sustainability), under the overall guidance of DDA, culminated into the planning of an ecologically sustainable rejuvenation of the Dhirpur wetland in Delhi. In the past, Aviral has had short term engagements with Pradeep Sachdeva and Manu Gopalan (Earth-hauz architects, Auroville).

Aviral’s interest lies in creating a harmony between the built and the natural environment, all the while attempting to enhance the human experience. He has experience in a range of alternate building materials and is keen on exploring this further.


Architect & Designer

Mr. Pradeep Chavan

Project Manager

Mr. Pradeep Chavan is a distinguished postgraduate from IARI New Delhi, the premier national agricultural institute of international repute.

His professional career which spans three decades, involved agricultural projects from the stage of concept to completion mostly in the Arabian Gulf.

He was the ‘Government approved’ Project Manager for prestigious projects for more than fifteen years.

He has a flair for preparing and appraising techno economic feasibility reports of agricultural projects with due consideration to the aspects of sustainability and the corporate social responsibility (CSR).

He is presently working on the development of ‘agribusiness module’ on the PPP basis that would be complementary to all the agencies involved.

During the early eighties, his analysis of linkages between social structure and resource management issues in rural India led him to work as Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, U.K., Research Fellow at the East West Center, Honolulu, U.S.A.

As a specialist in participatory methods, Varun has served as a Consultant with several international organizations like FAO, UNICEF and is currently the Founder Director of Manavodaya, an institution recognized as a center of excellence in people-based, self help approaches to development. Varun has lectured extensively on the above subjects at various institutions and universities across the world.

Varun and wife Amla, are known for their pioneering contribution to the self help movement in North India. They have motivated and trained several thousand professionals serving the government, banks and other institutions in practical methods of dialogue, empowerment and self help. Varun is a member of several professional bodies including the Planning Commission of India: Working group on Microfinance and Gender.

Varun’s special contribution lies in promoting values based development methods that combine individual and collective reflection. Varun and Amla were recently conferred the Human Values award at the national level in India in recognition of their contribution to values based management.

A good analytical account of Varun’s work can be read in a recent book entitled “Development from Within” co authored by Varun with Prof. Patricia Wilson of the University of Texas, USA.

Mr. Varun Vidyarthi

Varun Vidyarthi has a formal background in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He started his career as an engineer with the corporate sector in Pune, Maharashtra. The Indian spiritual tradition of finding a purpose in life, led him to abandon a corporate career to live and work among poor villagers in Uttar Pradesh, North India.