We offer Design Services, for Manual, Automatic and Centrally Controlled Irrigation Systems, to leading Landscape Architects, MEP Consultants, Commercial & Private Developers, Hotels and other corporates clients. Our design services include the following.

All our design are based on unbiased selection of components, multiple choices, highest possible Water & Energy Conservation and are in line with project specific Agro Climatic Conditions and clients budget & automation requirements.

  • Design of Residential and Commercial Landscape Irrigation Systems
  • Golf and Sports field Irrigation Systems
  • Farm & Horticultural Irrigation Systems
  • High Pressure Fog Cooling Systems
  • Pumping and Filtration Systems
  • Water Harvesting
  • Industrial Filtration

Salient Features

  • Manual, Automatic and Central Control Systems
  • ET based Irrigation Systems (up to 50% Water saving)
  • Green Building compliant systems
  • Use of Recycled / Reclaimed water
  • Low Pressure Energy conserving systems
  • All type of Micro Irrigation Systems
  • Fertigation Systems (Manual and Automatic)
  • Traditional and Two wire decoder based systems

Design Package Deliverables

  • Detailed Layout Plans
  • Bill of Quantity with Estimate
  • Installation Details
  • Technical Specifications – General, Product and Execution
  • Sleeve Drawing (Optional)
  • Method Statement and Check Lists (Optional)
  • Bid Review and Contractor Selection (Optional)
  • Material Approvals
  • Contractor’s Shop Drawing Review and approval (Optional)
  • Commissioning assistance